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[url=]Uncivil War : Five New Orleans Street Battles and the Rise and Fall of Radical Reconstruction[/url]
[url=,_Reputation,_and_Security__Theories_and_Practice___AAMAS_2002_International_Workshop,_Bologna,zyx.pdf]Trust, Reputation, and Security: Theories and Practice : AAMAS 2002 International Workshop, Bologna, Italy, July 15, 2002. Selected and Invited Papers[/url]
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г The contrast between the two days paddling was incredible. Do you mean that they will be happy to be recognised as trolls, or does chuffed mean outraged?
The only problem is that I tend to find the reception is not all that good on Orange in the valleys of North Wales! and in Scotland I dont bother taking the phone from the car. Steve
г е >Cheers for the help, guess I'm not destined to have a picture. If you click on my profile the picture is there in glorious technicolour, but despite the checked "Use personal photo" box it doesn't want to show its face on the message board. Ho hum.<
I guess that'll do for a potted 'how to forecast swell'. There are loads of resources on the web for those who want to learn more. One of the best is which has much useful content and even more useful links. I wear an old pair of (plastic lens) glasses with a standard neoprene strap. I've secured the strap to the glasses using a few tie wraps, after a sustained beating resulted in my glasses down around my mouth when I rolled! Very cool. :)
Groundswell will be generated by lows in the Bay of Biscay, mainly found in the Spring or Autumn. These lows need a "fetch" of 500 miles to create that solid, clean swell we love so much. Give the swell 2 days to reach us from the depression. г г“
I know you don't have to register but it would be fun to be able to see who you are talking to!{^,-%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%98%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%93%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%A1%E2%80%99%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%A2%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%93%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%E2%84%96%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%B5-%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%99%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%93%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%D1%99%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%A2%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%C2%98%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%B0%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%D1%99%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%E2%84%96-%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%D1%9B%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%BB%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%A2%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%D1%99%D0%A1%D0%83%D0%B2%D0%82%E2%84%96-%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%D1%9F%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A1%E2%80%A2%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%B1%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%B5%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A2%E2%80%98%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%92%C2%B0-free-no-survey-app.html#4705

Rory, appreciate the offer - for the same reason as you, (limited time) any time I do have to assist on 4 star courses I'd rather do them with the CCP's as they can sign me off, Hope that doesn't come across as a slap down on the offer? I have no fears that I can run and assess 4 star, so experience isn't really the issue - just gaddam signatures!

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