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г Oh well, there goes the Snowboarding back up plan. Regards
Luckily got out on Sunday and had a good days paddleing on the Rhondda Fawr. Was quite high with lots of big waves and stoppers in places. A shame to see such a mess on the river with three cars and numerous shopping trolleys!!! Im Derby Citys YS technical advisor I think I was there when you were on placement and have seen you at DARE or connexions mmetings
е Another time... Lower Esk...haven't done this one though.
Miles, when you are buying a boat with river running capability, and playability, you are always going to have to compromise somewhere along the line. Also, you nedd to consider what rivers you want to run? Are talking steep techy stuff, big volume, or average grade 3 rivers. You have a couple of options (although not every one may agree) A. Find people who paddle similar rivers to you, and have a chat, they may even let you have a go in their boat. B. Find out who your nearest "honest" kayak dealer is, and ask them. We are quite a small community, and we don't tend to sell people duff kit. Be brave and ask for their opinion, and ask them what they use. Assessor status?
For example, to take my Level 2 Kayak coach training, I needed 3*. I couldn't find my 3* certificate at the time, so I sent my 4*. My application was returned !! г“
:evil Barriers :

classification of the movements

j13180y e9797c h312f 投稿者:AdicGHit 投稿日:2018/09/24(Mon) 08:29 No.12816171 http://training.xn----7sbaba3dme4ac6f3d.xn--p1ai/?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=685293 http://training.xn----7sbaba3dme4ac6f3d.xn--p1ai/?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=684696

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30.06.2018 3:50 829375426 470348306 597639018 250871100

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