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x8887c2298p6534 投稿者:ywydwthjegyb 投稿日:2018/09/24(Mon) 08:45 No.12817471   

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1bt8kb 投稿者:MonkPsycho 投稿日:2018/09/24(Mon) 08:45 No.12817469   

г д Micheal, did you cycle up the Tilt out the top end and then take in the huge downhill (12mile?) cruise down the next valley? A wicked ride.
Craig. Do you mean that they will be happy to be recognised as trolls, or does chuffed mean outraged?
е г Some good replies the way I was the guy who asked if I could paddle anywhere without getting killed. Thanks for the advice Mick we did the run you suggested and fully enjoyed it - what was it again..??
Norway looks very good but very expensive I heard - perhaps you could convince me over a beer this weekend. Mick...a Dart Virgin :)
It's also a small place itself. Also the sea is pleasently "warm" compared to Hurley and rivers, making rolling bearable.
Steve B г
I used to wear glasses, but after hitting a stopper sideways on the Tees due to fogged up glasses, I decided to go for contacts. I started off with Boots contacts, which were really good, but expensive. I now use specsavers ones, which are cheaper. A few of us will be surfing at Kimmeridge (Dorset) tomorrow, from 10 am-ish...conditions should be lumpy and probably pretty windy with it.

All the *weekend* tickets for the rest of this *season* (i.e. this month) are taken. Doesn't sound quite so unlikely when you put it that way does it?

wandisbuxton83 投稿者:wandisbuxton83 投稿日:2018/09/24(Mon) 08:44 No.12817468 5000 #Airport @Knife 3105 #Festival @Desk 1276 #Jet fighter @Circus 1244 #Butterfly @Bottle 1718 #Ship @Vacuum 3603 #Thermometer @Videotape 2301 #Foot @Umbrella 2282 #Clock @Leather jacket 2437 #Kaleidoscope @Fungus 1157 #Army @Potato

Leonardomtj548842 投稿者:Leonardolcps923729 投稿日:2018/09/24(Mon) 08:44 No.12817467 home   

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