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г yeah,
Mick if your going on wednesday and have space I'll come!! How did your conversation with the BCU go? (you don't have to answer I'm just being nosey, interesting to see how others trying to progress through the assessor scheme experience things :D )
г г You do bring an interesting point though - using other paddlers (or video) to check your technique, I NEVER do this? I almost constantly re-assess what I'm doing and try to improve but I've never asked others, it's always a self analysis! Gotta try to do that in future.... The hidden gem of mid Wales, a class 4+ gorge run in low water but a real beaut! Its in Chris S. guidebook. A couple of portages but will write it up for the guidebook Mark & I promise not to take as long as the Grwyne write up!!
A plea to all of you getting ready to post off for next season(some have already begun to trickle in)Try and wait 'til March - please! I can't do anything about it until we have reset the database for the new season - which I can't do until I have extracted all the end of season summaries etc.. I do have a full time teaching job to do as well and I would quite like to catch my breath over Easter! However I was told it's still worth logging because it goes towards demonstrating a wider range of experience.
"At Leeds, to sign in as an activity leader for a Grade 2/3 trip, you must be a L2K coach (and therefore CST & First Aid), have 4* (preferably 5*) and have paddled the section on which you are leading more than once. There must also be a competent (say 4*) to less competent (2-3*) ratio of 1:1." Cheers
We ended up on the Lower Tavy (Tavistock down) - having decided against Dartmeet. Checked out the upper Tavy but running well up in the trees. The Lower Tavy is a good alternative when everything is running that high - a few trees down, watch for one river left a few KM above the weir (on a right hand bend). No real hazards just a rollercoaster wave train. г г
Never tried contacts but a number of friends use the "daily disposables" and carry spares with them. How you put them in in the middle of some raging grade IV I don't know.,2-6-scribblenauts-remix-free-hack-no-survey-online.html#4886

After the Dart, we went to take a look at the Avon, which none of us had run before. The logic here was that as the neighbouring rivers were likely to be too high (ie. Erme and Plym) the Avon would be okay, as it's headwaters are swallowed up by a dam. The Avon turned out to be bank-full, a fairly high level for a river where tree limbo is a crucial skill.

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е hf
God I'm getting excited,Its been hissing down all day in Coventry and the weather maps are predicting more of it in Wales, I might have to throw a sickie next week if it continues!
г г As to reference material, the web resources are fine but in my experience, somewhat restricted. There are a number of excellent books - if you have a Scout Association Shop near you, look at what they have. Scouts are, after all, about the best source of knowlege on knots outside of sailing circles. Fortunately we had an excellent safety policy which was drawn up a long time before the Uni ever asked for one (at least 3 years) and we were able to use this as evidence of safe pratice which didn't need bogging down with qualifications. Obviously all paddlers were encouraged to read the policy which had a river trip bias.
Mark Nothing wrong with it, in fact very good but been spoilt recently, but compared to some not worth that description.
Rich "I wear Acuvue daily disposables, and I also always open my eyes when rolling - river or pool. I haven't lost a single lens while paddling since I changed to
hf You didn't tell me we needed to budget for food? I thought we were gonna feed off adrenaline man....pure adrenaline dude! :lol г г

You speak common sense...yet again! :D Assessor status?

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